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I am Daniel Konzett a living breathing human being, and I hereby declare that I honour the founding philosophies that make up the core essence of Contributionism as presented by the UBUNTU BRASIL Liberation Movement, its founding documents and as outlined in the book Ubuntu Brasil, Movimento de Libertação UBUNTU BRASIL Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity.

I declare that I align myself with the Contributionism philosophy and I will always represent these principles in the highest truth, honour and integrity and present them without distortion or dilution to the best of my ability and for the greatest good of those in my community and our world called planet Earth. I will share my knowledge and become a seed of consciousness to spread the message of Contributionism as widely as I can. I will conduct myself honourably at all times and promote unity and abundance amongst humanity and I will not do anything to willingly undermine the UBUNTU Movement, its founders or activities. I make this declaration of my own free will without any restrictions or omissions. So be it, and so it is. Daniel Konzett, Brazil, 28/02/2016